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The mobile app market is relatively new and continues to develop itself rapidly. There are multiple mobile platforms with own app stores and market places. Each platform has different technology requirements and user interface guidelines. It is difficult to maintain a clear overview of the current app market. While it is possible to find experts in separate areas (developers, designers, sales), it remains a problem to combine individual expertise into the ability to convert app ideas into a great product.

Imagine an organisation that has a clear overview of the global app market, willing and able to take an app idea and convert it into a product. That is what dsd 164 does by providing the following three things:

1) Real firsthand experience in the global mobile software industry

Being able to successfully distribute apps on multiple mobile platforms. Converting an idea into a product. Experience with an international focus, overcoming cultural differences including languages, time zones and different styles of writing.

2) Deep understanding of what makes a great user experience

Being able to design an app beyond its looks and individual features. A great app is optimised for usage on a mobile device and harvests the possibilities provided by the hardware like location awareness, the ability to use the gyroscope, camera and internet access. 


3) Technological infrastructure and expertise

Being able to actually build apps that work well. Meeting technology requirements set by the different mobile vendors. Providing reliable server side technology that is guaranteed to be available online.

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